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E-Commerce Packaging

Small to midsized retail product packaging for your e-commerce business.


retail bags

Postage Packaging

Products, giftboxes, e-commerce products and anything that needs to be sent via mail.


food packaging

Cushioning & Protective Packaging

Protective wrapping, content protection and cushioning.


Containers & Jars

Perfect for cosmetics; creams, liquids and other hygiene products


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Liquidity is tricky. We offer you a range of flexible financing solutions to suit your needs at the moment.


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We are Circulate

We are a Sweden-based, EU-focused start-up aiming to speed up the world's transition to more sustainable consumption and to a circular economy.

We want to encourage businesses just like you who want to take action to do your part in tackling climate change!

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Circulate packaging guide

Holistic take on sustainability

At Circulate, we try to look at sustainability from a holistic perspective, that is all the different kinds of impact a packaging has throughout its lifecycle. By providing transparent unbiased information about our packaging’s impact, you know exactly what you’re buying.

Learn more about how we approach sustainability at Circulate.

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