Circulate is the platform gathering all the best packaging in Europe, simplifying the transaction between suppliers and smaller buyers.

Our goal is to boost sales for sustainable packaging companies, by increasing your visibility to new markets, and helping you overcome your current growth and digitalisation challenges. We want to help you take as much market share as possible from current non-sustainable products. Because if you win — the world wins!

Do you provide sustainable packaging solutions?

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New sales channels and customers

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Opportunity to reach entirely new markets without having to invest in expansion.

Qualified effortless sales

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We educate and guide buyers all the way to the detailed order/RFQ is placed, mininmizing your effort.

Analytics & Insights

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Forecasting to better plan your production, and insights on how to develop your offering.

High performing digital sales channel

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Serve your long-tail of smaller buyers in a more cost and time efficient way.

Growth hacking

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Help you improve to optimize for conversion and SEO, help you acquire relevant traffic from all of Europe.

Sustainability guidance

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Get an overall sustainability score for each product, and advice on alterations to make them better.

How does it work?

After we agree on the terms of our partnership, becoming a supplier on Circulate requires only two simple steps. The rest is done by us for FREE. No additional effort and no more worries.

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Provide the information on your business and sales terms

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Send us a catalogue of the products you wish to list on Circulate

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Start selling on Circulate Marketplace

Services we offer you

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Product labelling

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Account and listing creation

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Customer support

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Payment handling

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Regular check-ins, analytics

Are you a supplier keen on an additional sales channel?

Whether you have one sustainable product or a large assortment, we want to hear from YOU! Please contact us for a detailed walk-through of a partnership with Circulate, how you best can benefit from the platform, whether your products are likely to qualify and a quick demo.