Circulate's Sustainability badge

The Circulate Sustainability badge is a tool we created so that you can easily demonstrate the added value of sustainable packaging and your commitment to sustainability. It is available in different colours and can be printed on different packaging types bought through our platform. This is a way to show to your customers that your sustainable packaging is sourced by Circulate and complies with our thorough screening criteria.

Circulate's Sustainability Badge

Screening process

The products on Circulate’s platform went through a rigorous screening process before ending up online. 

Our Packaging Sustainability team together with third party organizations and experts listed the criteria that define packaging as sustainable. Before allowing access to our platform, we cross-check the products of our suppliers making sure they satisfy sustainability requirements.

What it stands for

When you show Circulate Sustainability badge, you claim 5 things at once:

  • The non-fossil content of the packaging unit is greater than 70%.
  • The materials of the packaging unit are not sourced from protected and indigenous lands.
  • The working conditions in the production facility are ethical and up to satisfactory levels.
  • Packaging is designed to be reused, recycled or composted in the majority of the EU (i.e. made of easily separable parts).
  • The packaging unit will be recycled at least in 70% of the cases or it can fully biodegrade without contaminating the environment.

How to use the Sustainability badge?

The way to use Circulate’s Sustainability Badge may vary depending on the product that you have purchased. Ask our team to get more information on how to include our badge in your packaging products.

The use of the Circulate Sustainability badge by other companies or organizations without written authorization from Circulate AB is not permitted.

Any questions?

Ask our team.

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